5.13 million items of private data are stolen by hackers every day. Don’t become their next victim

Remove the security vulnerabilities of your website or mobile app before you become a target of cyber attack.

Up to 37,000 webpages are attacked by black-hat hackers every day.

There is a 86% chance, that your website contains a critical vulnerability that can cause the loss of sensitive data.

The cost of repairing damage caused by hacking attack amounts to between € 31,000 and € 9.5 million.

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By using Hacktrophy, you can avoid the consequences of a hacker attack

The theft and misuse of corporate data

More than 5 million confidential records leak from companies every day. They don’t only include login information, but also payment and credit card numbers. On the Internet, one sensitive record is sold in tens to hundreds of euros. What damage is caused to your company by its abuse?

High cost of repairing damage after the attack

The total financial costs needed to repair and restart your company’s operations after being attacked by a hacker may easily exceed € 50,000 for small and medium-sized businesses. In the US, this amount exceeds an average of $ 100,000, and for large businesses it is up to $ 1.3 million.

Loss of customers

Up to 29% of customers cease to use the company’s services after being hit by a hacker attack and loss of sensitive data.

Long-term damage to your reputation

As many as 86.55% of companies are unlikely to cooperate with companies that had the sensitive data leaked. The loss of reputation among clients is also a problem.  To find a new client is 5 times more costly than keeping a satisfied customer. Restoring confidence in your business after hacking attack is a time-consuming and costly process.

A challenging recovery process of website and / or application traffic

Statistics say that approximately 66% of companies attacked by hackers do not know whether they can re-establish their full-service operations.

Fine from state authorities and business partners

Since May 2018, the GDPR has set fines for under-protection of sensitive data up to € 20 million or 4% of your annual turnover. Fines from business partners result from your contractual arrangements.

Expenses for crisis PR

Crisis management after a hacker attack requires a PR agency to help the company reduce its damage, publicly apologize to its customers, and return the company’s lost reputation. The amount for such services ranges from approximately € 150-300 per hour (immediately after the attack) and may total rise up to tens of thousands euros.

Why is your system vulnerable to hacking attacks?

Black-hat hackers can attack your system through over 100,000 kinds of security vulnerabilities. See what impact may the most common security vulnerabilities have on your security.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Insertion of malicious code into your website. The goal is the subsequent code abuse on your and your visitors' end devices and theft of sensitive data.

Remote Code Execution (RCE)

Once the attacker has obtained your login data, he/she can gain complete control over your server, attack other devices on the network and get your data from them.

SQL / noSQL / LDAP Injection

The most common security vulnerability that can lead to theft of data from your database, including your clients' data. It even allows the attacker executing commands in the operating system.

Incorrect authentication

Incorrect authentication can cause some or all of your clients to lose their account and/or data in it.

Local File Include (LFI)

Erroneous dynamic loading of files or inserting templates into your application can lead to unauthorized file reads by an attacker or malicious code execution.

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How Hacktrophy works

In cooperation with ethical hackers, we will look for the security vulnerabilities of your site or app. The goal is to protect your sensitive data from black-hat hackers.


Together we set test goals and conditions of testing, as well as rewards for security vulnerabilities found.


Ethical hackers start testing. If they find a vulnerability, they send you a report that we will review. You fix the vulnerability and the hacker gets a reward.


Security specialists continue looking for vulnerabilities until the credit is over or the package expires.

Hacktrophy Services

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Within the package you will get:

Support of a professional moderator.
Flexible setting of rewards and goals.
Detailed reports of vulnerabilities found.
Manual verification of reported errors.
Regular reports of the status of your bug bounty program.
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