What are the basic principles of Hacktrophy security testing?

Hundreds of ethical hackers are searching for security vulnerabilities, so that you can fix them.
Throughout all the time, we help you manage your bug bounty program.
We pay hacker rewards only for proven vulnerabilities from the credit in your package.
The longer you test, the more security vulnerabilities our ethical hackers can find.

We test everything that is available over the Internet

and Websites






You can test not only the errors caused by the programming or the software used, but also the setup of the infrastructure on which the web or the application is running. Testing can take place in production and test environments.

How Hacktrophy works

You'll pay ethical hackers only for proven errors that actually put your online security at risk.

Together, we set goals and rewards for ethical hackers.
Ethical hackers will start testing the security of your site or mobile app.
Discovered vulnerabilities will be described by our penetration testers in detailed reports.
Reporting is verified by the project moderator. If the task is fulfilled, we accept it and correct the error.
An ethical hacker gets a reward according to the rules of your bug bounty program.
Security specialists continue to search for vulnerabilities until the credit is spent.

Learn about real cases of hacked companies around the world.

What a bug bounty program looks like

Bug Bounty Program Header

Bug Bounty Program Header

It contains basic information about the bug bounty project – name, status, type, menu, and monthly / annual reward limit for hackers.

Description of bug bounty program

Description of bug bounty program

It works as a short introduction to your company and the tested online project.

Exceptions from online security testing

Exceptions from online security testing

Here you specify which types of security vulnerabilities do not interest you and will not be paid for if they are discovered. You can also define forbidden hacker techniques and ways of looking for vulnerabilities.

Scope of testing

Scope of testing

It specifies which parts of your website, interface, or mobile app should ethical hackers test. They can test in production and test environments, up to your decision.

The rules of IT security testing

The rules of IT security testing

They allow you to specify rules of security vulnerability search so that you can distinguish our ethical hackers from evil black-hat attackers.

Rewards for ethical hackers

Rewards for ethical hackers

You will display the amount of fees for ethical hackers for discovering relevant security vulnerabilities. We determine them together, depending on the severity of the vulnerability and the program you have purchased.

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